What is Amaze Future Flavour?


An out of this World exotic soft drink.


A delicious blend of natural botanicals and flavours - with a small pinch of caffeine --- purple zea mays superfood extracts.

A mixer perfect for Gin, Rum or Vodka. A totally unique taste for the modern World.

Future Flavour is a retro synth-wave drink - bringing back the nostalgia of the 80's movement. style and resonance.


About Us.


UK born founders of a unique flavoured soft drink. Impossibly delicious. Future Flavour is 4 years in the making. A fruity 80's retro decadence, a versatile mixer. An epic branding concept.

"Creating a soft drink that sends a message loud and clear that

taste wins every time."


Bazi Q & Troy.

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AMAZE ENERGY -- -- LONDON WC2A 2JR - - 24 HRS HOTLINE: +(44) 7753 865 774
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